Holiday region

Inzell is the place for a perfect relax and, moreover, being located in Chiemgau’s heart, is one of the best spots from which you will be able to visit the east side without taking a long travelling.

Off-road and mountain trails will take you to places where you will assist to picturesque landscapes and where you could taste local specialties such as milk, yoghurt, cheese or salami. For those who like climbing the mountains, once conquered the summit you will find yourselves is a fairy-tale setting that will be surely worth all your previous hard walking. For those who like relaxing walks we advise you to go at “Chiemsee” lake or “Wagingersee” lake, both place full of paths accompanied by romantic atmosphere. In the south part of the lakes you will find some swamps surrounded by groves from where rise rivers like Tiroler Achen, Alz e Salzbach.

“Chiemsee” is the biggest Bavarian lake basin and it hosts some islands like Fraueninsel, the women’s Island, and Herreninsel, the men’s Island.

Fraueninsel Island has a particularly suggestive and romantic environment because there is based an ancient Benedectine monastery still inhabited by nuns. In the Church, rich in Carolingian’s and Romanesque’s elements, houses the venerated remains of Blessed Irmengarda.

In the Herreninsel Island you will find the famous “Herrenchiemsee” castle, built by King Ludwig II as a Versailles’ royal palace copy, and the former Augustinian’s convent, now a museum.

There are many fascinating places to visit around the lake, as the town of Prien which is the main point of access to the lake, or the Kampenwand top, or the town of Berchetsgaden on the lake “Königsee”, or even last but not least, the idyllic city of Salzburg. Nature’s lovers can enjoy a relaxing boat trip, an easy cycle or a walk around the lake or in the countryside nearby.

And all this is just a little part of all the beauties our landscape has… discovering them or not now it’s completely up to you!

Hotel - Restaurant - Gasthof Kienberg | Inzell im Chiemgau
Hotel - Restaurant - Gasthof Kienberg | Inzell im Chiemgau